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KATA Teams Is Here!

Brent Barkman
December 2023

The next evolution of KATA has arrived, our whole team and I are incredibly excited to share our Teams launch with you! 🚀

Our mission at KATA is simple, to get organizations out of the way of their builders. We do this by fixing the noise and toil in software development: reporting burdens, priority misalignments, out-of-date rituals, and siloed information.

And KATA Teams does this at the most important part of any tech company - it’s engineering team.

But what gets in the way of teams?

Well if you’re like us, you love trying new tools. But how many tools do you have to use on a daily basis to get the information you need just to do your job? Information silos anyone…

And then come the meetings to fill in the gaps. How many “quick syncs” get thrown on your calendar or 1:1’s that turn into update sessions?

When was the last time your team standup actually took 15 minutes? We have to make sure to get out every little detail because how else would people know what we’ve been up to. There’s no better way to stay in-sync so we force a mandatory meeting we end up zoning out in, and we get to repeat it tomorrow!

And do we even need to say anything more about Slack?! We’ve already tamed the chaos on engineering projects, and starting today we’re bringing that same streamlined goodness to engineering teams!

  • All your team’s tool activity, all in one self-updating dashboard so there’s no more hunting around to figure out who’s doing what.
  • Automatically generated standup updates to streamline your stand ups (and dare we say even start to cancel some).
  • Automatically summarized Slack threads, available on-demand.
  • A team demo feed (that people can actually find!) so you have a progress highlight reel to extend visibility to the rest of your company.
  • No more writing team update emails, KATA AI will draft it for you from all of the work your team is doing day-to-day. And the best part, it only takes minutes to set up, with zero maintenance or coordination required. Connect your tools, create your team and KATA will take it from there.

Oh and did we mention it’s FREE with no seat or usage caps! KATA Teams will help with individual teams, and as you scale and your work gets more complex we’re there for you with KATA Projects (and KATA Groups after that for initiatives and goals).

KATA isn’t yet another project management tool, or standup bot, or some other existing category (or micro-category) thing. We’re building across categories to reflect how work actually gets done in modern engineering teams! It’s the tool we wished we all had in our former lives, but couldn’t find, so we decided to build it. And we’re just getting started. So please check it out and send us your feedback and feature requests.

We hope you join us on this journey, and enjoy a more modern way of working!

Cheers to the builders 🛠️, The Team at KATA

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