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KATA makes me look like a superhuman

“As a leader, KATA makes me look like a superhuman — I am able to effortlessly know what’s going on with every project by consuming updates and key decisions for the projects that matter right from within Slack. I don’t need to have been at the meeting to feel like I was, and I don’t have to waste time in 1:1s getting updates. Instead I spend time with my team on problem solving and strategizing.”

Lynette Pretorius

VP Ops at Carbon6

Visualize progress in seconds

KATA’s project dashboard visually displays key workflows including how contributors, tool activity, conversations, and key events are trending relative to Milestone and overall Project Status.

Stay on top of key progress indicators

KATA's Event Log centrally captures key project progress markers like demos, discussions, decisions and check-ins. Filter through different events for a better indication of where a project actually stands relative to the milestones, status, and tool activity.

Go as deep as you need, whenever you need to

Navigate from a status update, to a PR, to a relevant Slack thread in minutes with KATA. No wasting time sorting through Jira, GitHub, etc.

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