Debug your Initiatives

Visibility tailored to how you run your business

Create a centralized view of progress at whatever level you run your business. Whether by initiative, team, or goals, see alignment, dependencies, and bottlenecks all in one place.

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Group your projects into Initiatives
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Create custom views to get the information you need
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Create folders and groups of Projects
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View status of each Initiative and drill all the way down
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AI-generated Initiative status keeps reporting fresh
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10x better

At Shopify, we obsessed about staying fast as we grew. So much so that we built our own internal tool to create a social protocol for work. Everyone, from the intern to the CEO, used the same tool to see who’s working on what and why. It made us 10x better. <span>KATA is the new, improved version of that tool. Now available for everyone.</span>

Jean-Michel Lemieux

CTO at Shopify and VP Engineering at Atlassian

Simplified portfolio visibility and reporting

Flexibly organize, view, and report on your project portfolio in alignment with however you manage your business. By company initiatives, goals, departments, teams. Etc.

Quickly assess which initiatives need your attention

See which initiatives are lagging. Make sure the teams are focused on the right areas.

Surface cross-project dependencies and address bottlenecks early

With AI-powered Project Group status updates pushed directly to Slack, you’ll be notified of issues, blockers, and other risks as they arise.

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Step 3: Debug your Initiatives

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Want project portfolio visibility and status updates tailored to how you actually run your business?