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All the info software teams need to run more effectively. All in one place. Powered by AI.


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Not using KATA would be chaos.
"We recently replaced Notion with KATA and it has quickly become the heart of our R&D...we are in for the long run. Not using KATA would be chaos."
Paulo Moncores, CTO at Mercado Diferente

“Give me complete visibility across my projects, teams & tools. But don’t make me work for it. And I definitely don’t want to maintain it.”

- Said every engineering leader we’ve ever spoken to

The bar has been raised.

The distributed work trend. The mandate to consolidate siloed tools. The automate everything imperative spawned by AI. Collectively these trends have exposed the limitations of existing engineering productivity solutions.

The new mandate is clear; maximum visibility into what’s going on – across projects, teams, tools, and metrics – with minimum effort.

Organizations can no longer afford to hire their way around this problem. Niche tools reliant upon manual inputs, meetings, and processes are DOA.

Enter KATA.

Get back to leading your team. Let KATA manage the rest.

KATA centralizes all the info you need to run your team more effectively. Project status, team focus, tool activity, conversation summaries, and metrics. All in one place. All powered by AI.

KATA hands you all the information to debug issues, remove blockers, and keep the team moving forward. Navigate from a status update, to a PR, to a relevant Slack thread in minutes. No meetings, check-ins or disruptions required.


Debug teams, projects, metrics, & initiatives. All in one place.

Complete visibility into key engineering workflows. At the click of a button.

Debug your Teams

The Second Screen for Engineering Managers

Teams is your always-on portal into what’s happening across your team. Connect your tools, tell KATA who's on your team, and it’ll take care of the rest. No more time wasted chasing down ad-hoc updates, writing daily check-ins, drafting weekly status updates, or sorting through tools to see how things are going on a key deliverable.

KATA does it all for you, automatically tracking and generating AI-powered summaries of all the information that you and your team need to stay on top of what’s going on at whatever level you need it.

Debug your Projects

All the insights & context to keep projects on track, no more than a click away

When work being done by your team gets more complicated, needs to be broken into phases or milestones, has dependencies, or starts to cross team boundaries, KATA Projects will help you tame the chaos. Just create or import a project, attach artifacts, invite team members, and start posting events or check-ins. Within minutes you’ve got a single source of truth for what’s going on with any project. Navigate from a status update, to a PR, to a relevant Slack thread without leaving KATA.

Debug your initiatives

See project portfolio alignment, dependencies, and bottlenecks all in one place 

When you scale to many projects, KATA scales with you. KATA Groups allows you to flexibly organize them by company initiatives, goals or departments. Demonstrate a visible throughline from the tools where the work is happening, to how it's organized by project, to why it matters. Surface cross-project dependencies and address bottlenecks early with auto-generated updates pushed directly to Slack.


10x better

At Shopify, we obsessed about staying fast as we grew. So much so that we built our own internal tool to create a social protocol for work. Everyone, from the intern to the CEO, used the same tool to see who’s working on what and why. It made us 10x better.
KATA is the new, improved version of that tool. Now available for everyone.
Jean-Michel Lemieux
CTO at Shopify and VP Engineering at Atlassian

Unlock the ability to actually do more with less

All the insights needed to help teams go faster without the overhead to get it


Less tools

Trim tools for clearer visibility, reducing excess licenses.


Less meetings

Streamline key workflows via automation and Gen AI


Less disruptions

Eliminate Slack pings to see how things are going


Less time

No more sorting through tools to debug progress


Less people

Avoid excessive TPM / Proj. Mgmt team growth