Debug engineering projects like you debug code. Ship software faster.

Just-in-time insights across projects, teams, and tools, never more than a click away.


Integrated with all your favorite tools


Helping global engineering teams go faster

Not using KATA would be chaos.
"We recently replaced Notion with KATA and it has quickly become the heart of our R&D...we are in for the long run. Not using KATA would be chaos."
Paulo Moncores, CTO at Mercado Diferente

Do More With Less.
Go Faster.


Globally distributed engineering teams are working more async than ever.

Leaders are being asked to do more with less resources, tools and support roles, putting intense pressure on the middle management.

Keeping autonomous software development teams moving fast together in the right direction - has gone from difficult to practically impossible.

Until Now.

The Project Execution Platform for Hands-on Engineering Leaders

KATA hands you all the intel to help your team go faster, without the unnecessary project management overhead. Put the focus back on execution.

All the insights and context you need to debug a project, take action, and keep the team moving forward are never more than a click away. With KATA, you can navigate from a status update, to a PR, to a relevant Slack thread in minutes.


Your single pane of glass for debugging engineering projects

Go as wide as you need, as deep as you need, whenever you need.

Debug your information silos

Setup your single pane of glass in minutes

Connect your tools at the click of a button. Auto-sync projects from Jira, Linear, GitHub Issues, or Shortcut. Add relevant docs and designs. Auto-generate an AI-powered status update.

All your tools, all your projects, all your progress, all in one place.

Debug your Teams

Work Faster as a Team, Asynchronously

Invite your team to KATA. Have them post their updates, demo’s, and decisions to KATA’s activity log. Use the Slack app to streamline daily standups. Get real-time progress updates from Slack notifications. Use the Project Dashboard to identify where the friction is.

The just-in-time insights needed to keep teams moving forward.

Debug your Projects

Without bugging your engineers

With your tools connected, more projects imported, and team members posting events, check-ins and status, you finally have a single source of truth for what’s going on with any project. Navigate from a status update, to a PR, to a relevant Slack thread without leaving KATA. With all project details centrally accessible, the Slack pings lessen, alignment meetings start to fall off the calendar, and status meetings become decision meetings.

All the intel needed to get projects back on track, never more than a click away.

Debug your initiatives

See project portfolio alignment, dependencies, and bottlenecks all in one place

Organize projects around company initiatives, goals or departments. Demonstrate a visible throughline from the tools where the work is happening, to how it's organized by project or team, to why it matters. Surface cross-project dependencies and address bottlenecks early with auto-generated updates pushed directly to Slack.

A centrally accessible view of progress at whatever level you need to run the business.


10x better

At Shopify, we obsessed about staying fast as we grew. So much so that we built our own internal tool to create a social protocol for work. Everyone, from the intern to the CEO, used the same tool to see who’s working on what and why. It made us 10x better.
KATA is the new, improved version of that tool. Now available for everyone.
Jean-Michel Lemieux
CTO at Shopify and VP Engineering at Atlassian

Unlock a new gear across engineering

Just-in-time insights for Managers

Spend less time managing projects & teams and more time moving them forward.

Visibility For Execs however they want it

Customize notifications & status reports at whatever level you manage the business.

Let your ICs get back to building

Keep ICs in flow with less disruptions, meetings, and context switching.

Experience what it’s like to actually “do more with less”