Debug your information silos

Stop wasting time sorting through information silos

All your tools, all your projects, all your progress, all in one place.  The information needed to spot issues and take action is never more than a click away.

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Real-time Status
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Act on project dependencies
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Real execution vs the plan
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KATA enables us to have visibility across our teams.

“It’s all about alignment. At Grafana Labs, we strongly believe in autonomy; our teams are executing well but in different ways. KATA enables us to have visibility across our teams regardless of their tools and processes. Better visibility keeps our execution and strategy aligned.”

Marc Chipouras

Sr. Director of Engineering at Grafana Labs

One place to track all tool activity

Say goodbye to information silos. Connect your tools at the click of a button and let KATA keep track of all tool activity for you. No more searching through tools to debug progress.

Easily monitor progress where the work is happening

Auto-syncing existing projects and key artifacts to KATA, accelerates onboarding and creates visibility into project progress in the tools where the work is taking place.

Auto-generate updates across all tools

Powered by AI, KATA continually scans activity across all tools and generates a comprehensive status update whenever you need it.

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All tool activity in one place

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