Designed for how work really gets done in engineering

There are people that create, manage, and contribute to projects. We call them Builders.
There are others that just want to have visibility into what’s going on. These are Viewers.

Everyone starts for free for the first 30 days.
After that you only pay for Builders. Viewers are free forever.


up to 5 seatsFREE
6-50 seats$15
51-150 seats$13
151-300 seats$11
>300 seats$9

No CC required

What you can do
View, follow, & comment on all KATA project and group activity
Get a centralized view of tool activity (e.g. GitHub, Jira, Figma, G-Suite) associated with KATA projects 
Receive project-related notifications & status updates pushed to KATA or Slack
Own, create, modify, and complete KATA progress markers  (e.g. Projects, Action Items, Milestones, Dependencies)
Generate and send automated daily check-ins to KATA and Slack
Generate and send automated project & group status updates from KATA to Slack
Post progress events to KATA, either natively or from 3rd party tools  (e.g. Demos, Decisions, Needs Discussion, Blockers, Notes)
Be assigned as a Project Owner, Project Team Member, Group Owner, 
or Admin in KATA