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Get the just-in-time insights needed to address dependencies, bottlenecks, and blockers as they happen. Debug progress without unnecessary meetings. Work Faster as a Team, Async.

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KATA has made async work more effective for us 

“KATA has made async work more effective for us. We’ve been able to increase visibility while improving the efficiency of our status update process. Not only do we have more async updates and less frequent live meetings, but with KATA keeping the team attuned to what's going on, the time we do spend together is focused on the things that can help us go faster.”

Jonathan Xu

CTO at Nimble

See all Team activity in one place

KATAs Team Dashboard and Event Log allows you to monitor slowdowns, missed deadlines, key events, decisions, demos, and other signs of progress.

Streamline daily standups

Powered by AI, KATA’s Slack App curates all the work being done across tools and projects and automatically drafts a daily check-in for everyone on your team. Keep everyone aligned async in less than 5 minutes per day.

Real-time progress updates

Subscribe to project specific updates to get real-time notifications of status updates, progress, issues, or blockers sent directly to Slack.

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