A Practical Handbook For
Engineering Management

All the things you wanted to know but no one writes down 🙄 Whether you’re a senior or new manager we’ve got you covered.




We’ve been engineers and managers at some iconic companies, legacy companies, startups you’ve never heard of, and startups you use daily for over 40 years between us. 10 of those we’ve had the good fortune to do together, and are on our third stint at the same company. This time building one from the ground up.

We’ve been mentored by some iconic leaders (even each other!), been mentors to many, and built and taught internal manager training and development program’s and how to’s. Whether it was during our time at behemoths like IBM or Amazon, small (but mighty!) startups like the one we’re building now, or fast-moving scaled startups like Snap, and Moo the stuff you’ll read here is what we’ve found keeps coming up over and over and over again, regardless of scale.

So we figured it was high time to start writing down all of the tips, tricks, advice, tools, and lessons learned from our time on the front and rear lines of engineering management, we hope you like it! And of course if you’re looking for the silver bullet to all of this, you can find it here.