1 : 1 Engineering Leadership Workshop

Don’t just run it back. Get back to leading your team in ‘24

Quit the “manager” busywork & unlock a new gear for your team in the year ahead

Come with a challenge, leave with a solution

Bring your list of the key challenges you face maintaining visibility across engineering teams, projects, tools and metrics. Leave with a KATA workspace set up to address them.

Exchange hard earned lessons & best practices with the authors of ‘A Practical Handbook for Engineering Management’.
Brent Barkman, Founder & CEO, KATA
Ricky Leatham, VP Product, KATA


After seeing the recurring challenges engineering faces at the likes of Snapchat and Amazon, we built KATA to eliminate the visibility & alignment headaches we experienced as engineering leaders in fast moving, autonomous engineering organizations. Engineering leaders need to be able to stay on top of what’s going on without all the time, energy, and distractions currently required to do so.”


Brent Barkman
Founder & CEO

Engineering is black and white. Engineering Management is gray.

It’s a constant struggle to:

  • Get answers without the disruptions.
  • Get information without manual effort.
  • Get context without clarification.
  • Get visibility without the meetings.
  • Proactively identify and remove roadblocks
  • Efficiently report to your senior leadership

…and to stop wasting time writing updates of any kind.

Workshop Details

Bring your current approach to staying on top of what's going on in engineering including the tools, process, and people currently replied upon to deadlift visibility for your organization.

What you’ll take away


Tailored Recommendations

Learn how to solve your engineering challenges of visibility, productivity, and reducing toil


Custom Workspace Configuration

You’ll then get hands-on with KATA to configure your workspace to address them


Leave Implementation Ready

Leave ready to streamline standups, automate status updates, and eliminate other tedious visibility workflows

Get back to leading your team in ‘24. Offload the rest to KATA.